International Marketing Environment

International Marketing Environment is the combination of various factors external to an organisation that can affect the international marketing decisions of the organisation in international market. These factors are largely uncontrollable, although marketers can influence some of them. For example, Apple cannot control population trends, economic conditions, or laws once passed, but it can have some influence on relations with stakeholders, technological developments, and competitive situations.

International Marketing Environment consists of organization’s internal factors, domestic marketing factors, and global marketing factors.

Internal factors are controllable which includes – organisational structure, productivity, relations with stakeholders, organisational policies and rules.

Domestic marketing factors and global marketing factors are uncontrollable. Domestic marketing factors include – availability of raw material, availability of infrastructure, legal system, and technological factors.

Global marketing factors are related to the world economy. The main global marketing factors are – Political and legal factors, economic factors, social factors, technological factors, demographic factors, cultural factors, competitive factors, and institutional factors.

Global Marketing Environment

  • Economic Environment
  • Social Environment
  • Cultural Environment
  • Demographic Environment
  • Technological Environment
  • Institutional Environment
  • Legal/Political Environment
  • Competitive Environment

Domestic Marketing Environment

  • Domestic political climate,
  • Government approach towards international trade,
  • Legal system and business ethics,
  • Availability and quality of infrastructural facilities,
  • Availability and quality of raw-material,
  • Functioning of institutions and availability of facilities,
  • Technological factors, and
  • Ecological factors.

Organisational Internal Environment

  • Goals and objectives of organisation,
  • Managerial philosophy of organisation,
  • Personal factors related to management,
  • Managerial attitudes toward other nations, customers, social welfare, etc.,
  • Organisational policies and rules,
  • Marketing mix,
  • Form of organisation and structure of organisation,
  • Internal relations with other departments, and
  • Company’s relations with other stakeholders and service providers.

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