International Promotion Mix


Promotion plays a vital role in providing information of the product to the foreign customers. It also creates the desirability of the product among foreign potential buyers. Foreign companies desire to communicate with their marketing intermediaries and potential buyers to ensure favourable sentiment toward themselves and their products. Promotion is more culture bound than other Ps.

Hence, the foreign companies must take special care in promoting the product in the host country.

The promotion mix include:

  1. Advertising
  2. Sales Promotion, and
  3. Personal Selling
  4. Public Relations

Though advertising is not given due importance in developing countries, it plays crucial role in international marketing and particularly for consumer goods and consumer durables. The international firm while formulating advertising strategy should consider –

(a) Message

(b) Medium

(c) Extent of global advertising efforts.


Sales promotion includes specialised marketing efforts like coupons, in-store promotions, sampling, direct mail campaigns, co-operative advertising and trade fair attendance. International companies attend trade shows like Paris Air Show, Tokyo Auto Mart etc. Most of the Airlines companies use sales promotion to lure customers.


Public relations include efforts aimed at enhancing a firm’s reputation and image with the general public. The consequence of public relations is that the firm is a ‘good corporate citizen.’ This image in its turn enhances company sales.

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