Types, Components of MKIS

There are four subsystems of marketing information system & these are as follow.

  1. Internal Records:

The data on the costs, sales, inventories, accounts receivables & payable and cash flows of the organization are acquired from the internal records. In certain organizations, the internal records are present in the advanced computers that quickly & comprehensively provide the required data.

  1. Marketing Intelligence System

The routine information on the developments in the external market environment is provided to the marketing management by the marketing intelligence system. This subsystem has the scientific method, multiple methodologies, model building, creativity & cost/ benefit measures for valuing the information.

  1. Marketing Research

The information on certain marketing problem which is faced by the organization is obtained through the process of marketing research. This method consists of five steps which are as follows.

  • Definition of the problem & objectives of research
  • Development of the research plan
  • Collection of information
  • Analysis of the information
  • Presentation of the findings

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