Office Memorandums, Office Orders

Office Memorandum

A memorandum (or “memo”) is a (usually) short piece of writing designed for communication within an organization. It is a piece of business communication, typically aimed at a specific audience (like members of your unit or team). It is typically either a reminder of the importance of some particular thing (e.g., renewed efforts in customer service) or a request to take specific action (e.g., be at a team meeting Monday at 2pm to discuss something specific.)

In a short sense, memo is a written message from one person to another person within the exact same company. Office memo is the brief kind of memorandum. The actual meaning of the word memorandum is a note to help the memory. Memorandum is particular in number. Its plural forms are memorandums or memoranda.

A memorandum is a written note or communication specifically in business between individuals working for the same company.”

A memo can be used:

  • To issue directions to the things
  • To communicate regarding policy changes to the personnel
  • To give/seek tips
  • To ask for help or details to verify a decision reached on the telephone, and so on

However, a memo might not be discovered proper if the matter is of a complex or serious nature including lengthy conversation.

A memo can be applied for future referral. For that reason, it functions as an evidence to serve legal issues.

Memo is a short piece of writing generally used by the officers of an organization for communicating among themselves.

  • Used by a Person Known to the Receiver Personally
  • Less Formal in Tone and Without Formal Elements e.g. Salutation/Greetings/Complimentary Close or even Signatures at the end
  • Short, in a Friendly Tone

Uses of Office Memorandum

  • To Provide Information
  • To Issue Instruction
  • To Convey Policy Decision
  • To Offer/Invite Suggestion
  • To Record/Report an Agreement
  • To Establish Accountability
  • Helps you to avoid meeting personally, when necessary

Basic Principles and Characteristics of Office Memorandum

  • Necessary and Sufficient Information
  • Do not Assume that Everyone knows Everything related to the issue discussed in the Memo
  • Be Clear, Concrete and Specific
  • Easy-to-Understand
  • Explain with Ease and Co-operation
  • NO Emotional Appeal


Office order is an order issued by the employer or the authority or senior employees. Office orders contain instructions about work-related information indicated by the organization. The employees are bound to accept it. Office orders are issued at the beginning of the month or Monday of the Week to check on the progress.

Office order can be issued on any information like a shift in working hours or promotions or details of employee designation in projects. Officer order is a downward communication which carries a stamp of the company.

These offices order carries out the communication about the change in the designation of the employee or suspension of a specific employee and granting of privileges, disciplinary proceedings. Sometimes office order is issued dealing with imposing restrictions.

Office orders are precise and short to the point and they clearly specify information. Office orders are released towards the individual or intended target group of viewers.

Office order is a means of internal communication within an organization. The term ‘order’ generally means telling subordinates to do or refrain from doing a specific job. But’ passing an order high level executives want their subordinates carry out the order. When a message is conveyed as an order, it means that it carries a stamp of authority with it and has to be accepted. The high level executives circulate office order to the employees. Order is generally issued for posting of employees, promotion, suspension, transfer, and discharge from job, sanction or recession of yearly increment, imposing rules and regulations, enforcing certain rules or course of action etc.

An office order descends from the top of the organizational structure down to the employees for execution. Since office ‘order is a formal course of action, it should preferably be written.

Office order is a sensible part of communication. Its subject matter should be well thought, organized, meaningful and attached with reasonable interpretation so that no unpleasant situation grows in the enterprise. It should be relevant, concise, easy to understand and issued with proper authority and interpretation.

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