Deciding method of Training

You may need to train your new employees (and current employees) in a particular business area. Choose a training method that’s appropriate for your employees, as well as the area in which you’re training them.

For a person who is a training manager, it is their responsibility to see that the employees in the workplace have the necessary skills and knowledge to work, so that there can be an increase in the productivity.

Knowing that the employee is the most valuable asset they should be trained well enough as eventually, it will be benefiting the organization as a whole.

Some of the more common training options include

(i) In-house training

You may be able to offer or arrange training on given topics, such as sales techniques or time management, or workshops on particular software applications. Not only is in-house training cost-effective, but you may be able to arrange several short training sessions to accommodate schedules, as well.

(ii) Outside seminars and conferences

Seminars and conferences are a great way to provide training when no one in your business has the particular expertise. Held at a public site, such as a hotel or conference center, most seminars require that you preregister.

(iii) Tuition reimbursement programs

Tuition reimbursement programs address long-term training needs of career development, such as leadership or advanced certification in a given area. Typically, a business reimburses employees for a percentage (or all) of the expenses related to courses that the employee takes.

(iv) Lectures or Class Room Method

In this method, the different aspects of the ongoing program are explained by a single individual to the others. This is convenient enough as the facts and details as well as special type of information is provided to the people by means of a lecture.

To make the lecture more interesting and understanding audio as well as video is added to it to make it more appealing to the people present and a large number of people are trained at a time to provide more advantages.

(v) Programmed instructions

This type of method involves providing the necessary knowledge to the trainees in the form of a printed text book or with printed notes or some kind of teaching machine.

The process of breaking down all the information into different categories making it meaningful and proper arrangement of it is done. At times asking or presenting certain questions or problems are given to the trainee and certain feedback is got back by the trainer, in that way the person responds back to them.

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