Decision Areas in International Advertising

Decision Areas in International Advertising- Organizing for International Advertising

  • Centralization Decisions about agency selection, research, creative strategy and campaign development, media strategy, and budgeting are made at the firm’s home office
  • Decentralization Marketing and advertising managers in each market have authority to make their own advertising and promotional decisions
  • Combination A combination of the centralization and decentralization approach

Agency Selection

  1. The international marketer can choose a major advertising agency with both domestic and overseas offices.
  2. The international marketer can choose a domestic agency that is affiliated with agencies in other countries or belongs to a network of foreign agencies.
  3. The international marketer can select a local agency for each national market.

Criteria-quality of work, ability to cover relevant markets, level of communication and control, size of company’s international business, company’s desire for local versus international image, and the company’s level of involvement with international operations.

Advertising Research-Research plays the same important role in the development of international advertising and promotion programs that it does domestically- helping managers make better, more informed decisions. Most information on international markets is available through secondary sources.

Creative Decisions

Localized advertising strategy- strategy in which the creative team must determine what type of idea, ad appeal, and execution style will work in each market.

Local Media many advertisers choose the local media of a country to reach its consumers. Print is the most used medium worldwide, since TV commercial time and number of homes with TV sets are limited in many countries.

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