Hierarchy Data Model, Network Data Model

Hierarchy Data Model

This database model organises data into a tree-like-structure, with a single root, to which all the other data is linked. The heirarchy starts from the Root data, and expands like a tree, adding child nodes to the parent nodes.

In this model, a child node will only have a single parent node.

This model efficiently describes many real-world relationships like index of a book, recipes etc.

In hierarchical model, data is organised into tree-like structure with one one-to-many relationship between two different types of data, for example, one department can have many courses, many professors and of-course many students.

5.1 hierarchical-dbms-model.png

Network Data Model

This is an extension of the Hierarchical model. In this model data is organised more like a graph, and are allowed to have more than one parent node.

In this database model data is more related as more relationships are established in this database model. Also, as the data is more related, hence accessing the data is also easier and fast. This database model was used to map many-to-many data relationships.

This was the most widely used database model, before Relational Model was introduced.

5.2 network-dbms-model.png

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