Key players in advertising


A company that pays to advertise a product or service. Proctor & Gamble, Unilver, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, and Comcast are a few of the biggest advertisers.


An agency offers digital marketing services to advertisers; some offer full-service approaches, while others focus on a specific area or sector. Some of the major agencies include WPP, Publicis, IPG, Havas, Omnicom, Dentsu Aegis.


Publishers are the distribution channels for media. Their digital inventory spans web, mobile, social, search, and video. Facebook, AOL, CBS, and Hearst are just a few of the most visited publishers.

Media Agencies

‘Media services’ (or media investment services) is the phrase which is generally utilised to describe the process of delivering the message, which is created by an advertising agency, by way of the media.

There are, generally speaking, two aspects to this:

  • Media planning involves making a decision on where (on which TV or digital channels, in which newspapers, etc) the advertisement should be put in order to achieve the best impact on its proposed audience.
  • Media buying is the process of collaborating with individual media owners (such as broadcasters or publishers) with regard to availability and price.

Creative Departments

Before you get into the advertising or creative business, you need to know the basic mechanics of how the department works. Creative departments differ greatly in size as well as shape, however, most follow and a tried-and-tested structure which works well, whether they employ a dozen people, or several hundred.

In the smaller agencies, some individuals will perform more than one role. In actual fact, one person may be the entire department. In larger businesses, some of these departments are broken out again for efficiency. However, the fundamentals are the same as this model was born out of necessity, and it functions well.

Media Management

Working alongside all the players in the ecosystem, media management companies provide tools to manage campaigns; they work to automate every step of the advertising cycle, including planning, buying, analyzing, optimizing, and invoicing. These companies look to create a centralized hub for agencies, advertisers, and sellers to manage their business through a streamlined workflow powered by insightful data.

Measurement & Analytics

Measurement and analytics providers aggregate and organize data so that marketers can get a holistic view of the campaign metrics they care about most.

Data Providers

Data providers offer insight across the spectrum, from audience to pricing, so that marketers may make better decisions. Data is specifically used for targeting, segmentation, identification, verification, and more.

Types of Targeting

There are two main types of targeting inventory targeting, which serves ads on sites that offer a specific type of content or are visited frequently by individuals within a particular demographic, and user targeting which serves ads to individuals who have exhibited a particular behavior or interest.

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