KMBNIB05 International Trade Laws

Unit 1 Introduction to international Trade and Law of the WTO {Book}  
Sources of WTO Laws, Basic rules and principles of WTO Law VIEW
Economic Theories of free Trade VIEW
Absolute advantage Theory VIEW
Comparative advantages Theory VIEW
Heckscher-Ohlin Theory VIEW
Leontief Paradox Theory VIEW
New Trade Theory VIEW
Historical background of WTO VIEW
Evolution of GATT as Trading institution and transition of GATT to WTO VIEW
Marrakesh Agreement, Origin of WTO, Mandate of WTO, Membership of WTO, Institutional structure of the WTO VIEW
Decision Making in the WTO VIEW
Other issues-status of WTO VIEW
Budget of WTO VIEW
WTO Dispute Settlement VIEW
Principles of WTO Settlement VIEW
Institutions of WTO Settlement, WTO dispute settlement Proceedings VIEW
Main challenges to the WTO dispute settlement system VIEW
Principles of Non-Discrimination-Most favored nation treatment, National Treatment obligation VIEW
Dumping, Anti-dumping Measures VIEW
Unit 2 The World Trade Organization-Part 2: {Book}  
WTO jurisprudence on TBT and SPS Agreements, Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures VIEW
Agreement to Technical Barriers to Trade VIEW
WTO and environment Protection VIEW
General Agreements on Trade in Services (GATS) VIEW
Meaning of Trade in Services VIEW
General obligations, Specific obligations in GATs VIEW
Financial Services in GATS VIEW
Telecommunication services in GATS VIEW
India and the GATs VIEW
Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) VIEW
IPRS Covered by TRIPs VIEW
Rights of Patentees under the TRIPs VIEW
Compulsory Licensing in TRIPs VIEW
Public health and the TRIPs, Indian response to the TRIPs VIEW
Agreement on Agriculture in TRIPs VIEW
Trade related investment Measures (TRIMS) VIEW


Unit 3 Transnational Transactions and Resolutions {Book}  
Transnational Commercial Laws VIEW
Meaning and Scope of Transnational Commercial Law VIEW
Evolution of Law Merchant VIEW
Sources of Transnational Commercial Laws VIEW
Movement towards unification of national commercial Laws  
International Carriages:  
Carriages of goods by Sea, Air, Multimodal Transportation VIEW
International sales of goods:  
Vienna convention on Contract for International sale of Goods VIEW
Drafting of International Commercial contracts VIEW
International Payments VIEW
The role of International Chamber of Commerce in the development of Transnational Commercial Laws VIEW
Uniform customs and Practices on Documentary credits VIEW
International Commercial Arbitration VIEW
UNCITRAL Model law on International Commercial arbitration VIEW
Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 VIEW
Enforcement of foreign arbitral award VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}  
Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act. 1992 VIEW
Foreign exchange Management Act. 1999 VIEW
Special economic Zones VIEW
International Trade VIEW VIEW VIEW
Customs Act. 1962 VIEW
Liberalization in Nineteens VIEW
Foreign investment Promotion Board VIEW
Current issues relating to FDI VIEW
The Industries (Development and Regulation) Act VIEW
Unit 5 The recent challenges and proposed amendments by third world {Book}  


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