KMBNIB04 Cross Cultural Management

Unit 1 Introduction {Book}  
Understanding Culture; Values, World Views and Socio-Cultural Systems VIEW
What is Culture and why is it Important VIEW
How do People React to Cultural Differences VIEW
Can We Measure or Graph Cultural Differences VIEW
Is it Possible to Change a Culture If so, how VIEW
What does Culture have to do with Business VIEW
Ways of Describing Cultural Differences Going International VIEW
Unit 2 Cultural Diversity and Multicultural Teams {Book}  
The Impact of Cultural Differences on Individuals VIEW
Verbal and Non-verbal Communication across Cultures VIEW
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning VIEW
Measuring Cultural Development VIEW
The Historical Origins of Beliefs and Values VIEW
Impact of Cross-Cultural Communication VIEW
Kohlberg, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr, Are some societies better than others VIEW
Relativism vs. Development VIEW
Respect Cultural Differences vs. Stages of Development VIEW
The Possibility of an International Subculture VIEW
Unit 3 Conflict and Negotiation {Book}  
Gender Differences, Gender VIEW
Multiethnicity, Religion, Geography Body Language VIEW
The Culture of Poverty VIEW
Hofstede’s Dimension VIEW
Cultural Aspects of International Business Negotiations VIEW
Negotiation Process VIEW
Negotiation Strategies VIEW
Unit 4 Cultural Diversity and Multicultural Teams {Book}  
National Cultures vs. Organizational Cultures VIEW
Knowledge Cultures VIEW
Cross-Cultural Intelligence and Managerial Competence VIEW
Motivating Across Cultures VIEW
Management of Cross-Culture Teams VIEW
Leadership Traits Required for Managing Cross Culture Teams Participatory Strategic Planning VIEW
Technology of Participation Change in Corporate Culture- The Example of Quality Improvement VIEW
Unit 5 Culture and Ethics {Book}  
Understanding Significance of Cultural Values & Ethics in Cross Boarder Businesses VIEW
Corporate Culture and Cross Border HRM VIEW
Employment Practices in India with Respect to Japan, European VIEW
Corporate Social Responsibility in MNC’s VIEW
The McDonald’s Corporation VIEW


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