Work life in Indian Philosophy

Work ethos or work culture refers to certain norms o behaviour governing the conduct of workers Involved in work SltUalion5 achieve certain desired objectives. in other words, work culture is the Involvement of a workman with work. The degree of one’s involvement influences his performance to give high or low productivity, high or low quality. Le higher the degree of involvement, higher will be the productivity and quality.

Sometimes, work culture Is also concerned with a worker’s loyalty and sense of belonginess towards the organisation by the behaviour.

Following are the dimensions of work ethics:

  • Protecting the Interest of the Organisation:

Interest of organisation must be the top agenda of employees. Their activities must focus on the protection of the interests of the organisation and its stakeholders. Workers can protect the interest of their organisation through higher productivity and quality of a product. They should make their best interest in this regard.

  • Work Ethics through Appropriate System (Clear cut policies, rules and regulations, reward system etc are supportive in establishing work ethics. Clarity of these will make work-ethics more purposeful
  • Work Ethics in Terms of Proper Communication System: Communication system Is said to be the lifeline of an organisation. Proper communication channel will promote work ethics in the organisation. Any misunderstanding. mistrust suspicion etc. may be eliminated through communication system

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