BBAN404 Business Laws

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1 Law of Contract: Meaning and essential of a valid contract VIEW
2 Offer and Acceptance VIEW
3 Capacity to Contract; Consent and free consent; Consideration VIEW
4 Void Agreements VIEW
5 Quasi Contract VIEW
6 Different mode of Discharge of Contract VIEW
7 Remedies for Breach of Contract VIEW
1 Purpose and meaning of the Contract of the guarantee VIEW
2 Kinds of Guarantees VIEW
3 Rights and obligations of Creditors VIEW
4 Rights, Liabilities and Discharge of Surety VIEW
5 Contract of indemnity VIEW
6 Bailment and its kind VIEW
7 Duties and Rights of a Bailer and a Bailey VIEW
8 Rights and Duties of a Pledger and Pledgee VIEW
1 Contract of Agency: Definition of agent and agency; Creation of Agency VIEW
2 Duties and rights of Agent and Principle VIEW
3 Principles Duties towards Agents and Third Parties VIEW
4 Termination of Agency; Power of Attorney VIEW
5 Laws of sales of goods: Definition and essential of a contract of sale VIEW
6 Conditions and Warrantees VIEW
7 Passing of Properties in Goods VIEW
8 Performance of Contract VIEW
9 Right of unpaid Seller VIEW
10 Remedies for Breach of Contract VIEW
1 Negotiable instrument Act – Meaning and essential elements of a Negotiable instruments VIEW
2 Types of negotiable instrument; Holder and Holder in due course VIEW
3 Negotiation of negotiable instruments VIEW
4 Dishonor of negotiable instruments VIEW
5 Meaning and Scope of information Technology Act VIEW
6 Digital Signature VIEW
7 Electronic Governance VIEW
8 Regulation of certifying authority VIEW
9 Digital Signatures Certificate VIEW
10 Duties of subscribers VIEW
11 Penalties adjudication and offences VIEW
12 RTI Act 2005: Purpose VIEW
13 Right to Information and obligation of Public Authorities VIEW
14 Exemption from disclosure of information VIEW

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