M1 Rural Marketing

Unit 1 {Book}  
Definition of Rural Marketing VIEW VIEW
Indian Rural Market Environment VIEW
Population and its locations, occupation pattern, expenditure pattern, infrastructure facilities VIEW
Unit 2 {Book}  
The Rural Consumer Characteristics VIEW
Factors influencing Rural Consumer purchase decision VIEW
Rural demand Nature VIEW
Types of requirements of Rural Demand VIEW
Hierarchy of markets and rural market index VIEW
Problems in rural marketing as Warehousing and Transportation VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}  
Marketing of Agriculture Inputs: Consumable inputs and durable inputs: VIEW
Marketing of Consumables and Durables:  
Composition of Products, Price, distribution, promotion, product redesign or modification needs. VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}  
Marketing of Agricultural Produce VIEW
Formation of Cooperative marketing and processing societies VIEW
Marketing of rural/cottage industry/artisan products VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}  
Rural Marketing Strategies VIEW
Rural Market Segmentation VIEW
Strategies on product, Price, Promotion and Distribution VIEW

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