BCOM106 Macro Economics GGSIPU B.COM 2nd Sem Notes

Unit 1 [Book]  
Nature and Scope of Macro Economics, Macro-economic Variables, National income, Employment, Savings and Investments VIEW
Circular flow of Money VIEW
National Income, Usefulness and Significance VIEW
National Income Different Concepts:  
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) VIEW
Net National Product (NNP) VIEW
Gross National Income (GNI) VIEW
Net National Income (NNI) VIEW
National Income at Market Price and Constant Price VIEW
Measurement of National Income in India, Limitations and Challenges of National Income VIEW
The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income in Two Sector Model, Three Sector Model, and Four Sector Model VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]  
Macro-Economic Theory, Classical theory of Output and Employment Say’s Law of Market, Keynes Criticism of Classical theory VIEW
Principle of Effective Demand; Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply VIEW
Consumption function, Attributes of Consumption Function, Propensity to Consume, Significance of Consumption Function VIEW
Concept of Savings, Determinants of Savings, Saving Function VIEW
Concept of Multiplier, Functioning of Multiplier, Assumption of Multiplier theory, Leakages and Shortcomings of Multiplier Theory VIEW
Acceleration principle VIEW
Investment, Investment Function, Determinants of Business Fixed Investment, Effect of Tax Determinants of Residential Investment, and Inventory investment VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]  
Business Cycle Concept, Phases, Causes and Remedies VIEW
Inflation concept, Types, Determinants, Remedial Measures VIEW
Recessionary Trends, its effect on Different Sectors of Economy and Remedial Measures VIEW
Reflation Concept, Characteristics, Measures and Implications VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]  
Value of Money, Theories, Quantity Theory of Money (Fisher’s Transactions approach) VIEW
Cambridge equation VIEW
Keynesian Theory of Demand for Money, Baumol-Tobin Transaction approach, Tobin’s Portfolio Balance approach, Criticism VIEW
Demonetization Concept and its implications on Economic Development VIEW
Monetary Policy VIEW
Fiscal Policy VIEW
IS-LM functions VIEW

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