BCOM304 Financial Technology GGSIPU B.COM 6th Sem Notes

Unit 1 [Book]  
Introduction to FinTech: FinTech Transformation VIEW
FinTech Evolution 1.0: Infrastructure VIEW
FinTech Evolution 2.0: Banks VIEW
FinTech Evolution 3.0 & 3.5: Startups and Emerging Markets VIEW
FinTech Typology VIEW
Change in mindset: Regulation 1.0 to 2.0 (KYC to KYD) VIEW
Cryptographic Hash Functions, Merkle Tree VIEW
Digital Signature VIEW
Public and Private Keys VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]  
Digital Payments VIEW
Mobile Money and Regulations VIEW
Cryptocurrencies, Legal and Regulatory Implications VIEW
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin Wallets VIEW
Exchange Markets VIEW
Payments, Block Chain and Digital Transactions VIEW
Digital Identity VIEW
Block Chain in Finance Concept and Future scope VIEW
Unit 3 Digital Finance and Alternative Finance: [Book]  
Financial Technology Innovations VIEW
E-Commerce VIEW
M-Commerce VIEW
Al & Governance VIEW
Al in Smart Regulation and Fraud Detection VIEW
New Challenges of AI and Machine Learning VIEW
Data, Metadata and Differential Privacy VIEW
Crowdfunding – Charity and Equity VIEW
P2P Lending VIEW
Marketplace Lending VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]  
FinTech Regulations VIEW
History and Evolution of RegTech VIEW
RegTech Ecosystem VIEW
RegTech Institutions Ecosystem: Startups VIEW
RegTech Startups Challenges VIEW
RegTech Ecosystem Regulators VIEW
Regulatory Sandboxes, Smart Regulation VIEW

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