BCOM305 Valuation of Fixed income Securities GGSIPU B.COM 5th Sem Notes

Unit 1 [Book]
Overview of Fixed Income Markets, Global Fixed Income Markets VIEW
Primary and Secondary Bond Markets VIEW
Government Bonds VIEW VIEW
Corporate Debt VIEW
Structured Financial Instruments for Long Term Debt VIEW
Short-Term Funding for Banks VIEW
Money market Instruments VIEW
Certificates of Deposit (CDs) VIEW
Introduction to Curve Trading VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Bond Valuation, Bond Yield Measures, Maturity Structure of Interest Rates, Yield Spreads VIEW
Term Structure of Interest Rates VIEW
Using Duration as a Hedging or Trading Technique (Concept of Duration and convexity) VIEW
Yield Curve, Macaulay Duration, Modified Duration of a Bond Portfolio VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Securitization, Securitization in India VIEW
Residential Mortgage Loans VIEW
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities VIEW
Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Securities VIEW
Collateral Debt Obligations VIEW
Sources of Return VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Interest Rates and Credit Risk, Factors that influence Interest Rate Risks, Credit Ratings and Ratings Agencies VIEW
Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate VIEW
Credit Risks VIEW
Corporate Credit Analysis, Special Considerations of High Yield Credit Analysis VIEW
Ratios VIEW

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