BCOM217 Entrepreneurial Mindset GGSIPU B.COM(H) 3rd Sem Notes

Unit 1 [Book]  
New Venture Meaning and Features, Opportunity identification VIEW
Entrepreneurial imagination and Creativity, The role of Creative thinking, Developing Creativity and Impediments to Creativity VIEW
Creating New Ventures, Acquiring an established Venture, Advantages of acquiring an ongoing Venture VIEW
Franchising, How a Franchise works, Franchise law, Evaluating the Franchising opportunities VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]  
Intellectual Property VIEW VIEW
Patents VIEW
Trademarks VIEW
Copyrights VIEW
Requirements and Procedure for filing a Patent, Trademark, Copyright VIEW
Intellectual Property Rights in India VIEW
Reporting Intangible Assets in Financial Statements VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]  
Concept, Role and Functions of Business Incubators VIEW
Angel Investors VIEW
Venture Capital VIEW
Start-up Finance VIEW
Private equity fund VIEW
Writing a Business Plan VIEW VIEW
Project proposal including Feasibility analysis VIEW
Designing Business Processes, Location, Layout, Operation, Planning & Control VIEW
Preparation of detailed Project Report VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]  
Project Submission/ Presentation and Appraisal thereof by External Agencies, Such as Financial/Non-Financial institutions VIEW
Pitching the idea to mobilize Resources for Start-up VIEW
Preliminary Contracts with the Vendors, Suppliers, Bankers, Principal Customers VIEW
Contract management VIEW
Basic Start-up problems VIEW

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