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SCMIB/U1 Topic 10 Global Retailing

Global Retailing Trends: No doubt that organized retailing in developed world is far ahead than in India. According to estimates, over 80% of all retail sales in the USA is […]

SCMIB/U1 Topic 8 Channel objectives and Constraints

Channel objectives should be stated in terms of the desired service level of target customers. Usually, a company can identify several segments wanting different levels of channel service. The company should decide which […]

SCMIB/U1 Topic 6 Sourcing Internationally

Many companies buy product packaging from suppliers overseas. There are many benefits to doing so, but there also are risks, notes Adam Brosch, director of global sourcing and custom tooling […]

SCMIB/U1 Topic 3 Demand Volatility in SCM

Demand volatility is a reality in many industries, from Discrete Manufacturing to Process and Defense industries. Not only are retailers serving end consumers facing volatile demand, but this volatility is […]