Empowering Managers through Political Skills, Mentorship

Empowering management is the art of creating an environment within which a given leader’s or manager’s personnel can grow, learn, take initiatives and responsibilities, feel empowered enough to make decisions, take measured personal and professional risks, develop their autonomy, experiment new performance solutions, focus on achieving results and generally increase their organization’s value.

Empowering management consequently rests on people skills.  In  a systemic way, these indirectly help reduce costs and turnover, increase quality, develop responsibility, manage time effectively, set challenging goals, increase reactivity to market variations, permit internal people-development, consolidate individual and collective engagement, strengthen company culture, increase client fidelity, etc.  The list is incredibly long.  In fact today, there are practically no measurable reasons to avoid implementing an effective empowering management style within any maturing organization’s culture.

For the systemic leader or manager capable of creating such en empowered environment, there is also a lot to gain: more time and energy for strategic thinking, to develop more effective networks in the organizational environment, to prepare to face the increasing complexity of today’s business environment, to plan for longer-term transformation, to prepare for their own future career, etc.

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