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Tag: BBA109 Computer Applications

GGSIPU (BBA305) Services Marketing

UNIT 1 Introduction to Services Marketing 1 Services, Unique Characteristics and VIEW 2 Marketing Challenges of Services VIEW 2 Growing importance of Services sector in India VIEW 3 Services Marketing […]

GGSIPU (BBA209) Indian Economy

UNIT 1 Nature of Indian Economy 1 The Need for Economic Development VIEW 2 Causes of under Development VIEW 3 Determinants of Development VIEW 4 National Income of India-estimates VIEW […]

GGSIPU (BBA205) Business Ethics and CSR

UNIT 1 Introduction 1 Concept of Values, Types and Formation of Values VIEW 2 Values and Behavior VIEW 3 Values of Indian Managers VIEW 4 Ethical Decision Making VIEW Ethics: […]

GGSIPU (BBA201) Business Laws

UNIT 1 The Indian Contract Act 1872: General Principal of Law of Contract 1 Contract – Meaning, Characteristics and kinds VIEW Essentials of Valid Contract: 2 offer and Acceptance 3 […]

GGSIPU (BBA109) Computer Applications

UNIT 1 Basics of Computer 1 Characteristics  of computer VIEW 2 Input/output Devices(Hardware, Software, Human ware and Firmware VIEW 3 Functions of different units of Computer VIEW 4 Classification of […]

GGSIPU (BBA103) Business Mathematics

UNIT 1 Principle of Counting 1 Concept of factorial, Principle of Counting VIEW 2 Mathematical induction: Principle, AM & GM VIEW 3 Concepts of functions VIEW Rest 3 UNITS is […]