Introduction and Meaning of Organizational Behaviour

The success of any Organization is the direct Reflection of its management’s efficiency and effectiveness. It is an accepted fact that an organization can grow only when its employees are developed. Study of their behavior, therefore, is essential for the development of people. Organizational behavior is a part of total management and it plays an important role in every area of management. It has been accepted by all the people concerned.

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study of the way people interact within groups. Normally this study is applied in an attempt to create more efficient business organizations. The central idea of the study of organizational behavior is that a scientific approach can be applied to the management of workers.

Organizational Behavior Refers to the behavior of the people in the organization because organizations themselves do not behave. Thus, organization attempts to understand human behavior in the organization. Organizational Behavior is concerned with the understanding, prediction and control of human behavior is concerned with the understanding, prediction and control of human behavior in the organizations. To understand any one individual and his behavior is in itself a difficult task, but to understand group behavior in an organization is a very complicated managerial task.

Concept of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about, how people, as individual and group, behave within organizations. It is concerned with the understanding, prediction and control of human behavior in organizations. In organizations, if people see the world differently than they do as individuals, they experience peculiar feelings and act or behave in strange ways. Organizational behavior is a field of study.

This means, it is distinct area of expertise with a common body of knowledge. It studies three determinants of behavior in Organizations: individual, group and structure. Accordingly, organizational behavior applies the knowledge gained about individuals, group and the effect of structure on behavior in order to make organization work more effectively.
Organizational behavior is a branch of the social science that seeks build theories that can be applied to predicting, understanding and controlling behavior in work organization.’’

Importance of OB

While working in an organization, it is very important to understand others behavior as well as make others understand ours. In order to maintain a healthy working environment, we need to adapt to the environment and understand the goals we need to achieve. This can be done easily if we understand the importance of OB.

Following points bring out the importance of OB −

  • It helps in explaining the interpersonal relationships employees share with each other as well as with their higher and lower subordinates.
  • The prediction of individual behavior can be explained.
  • It balances the cordial relationship in an enterprise by maintaining effective communication.
  • It assists in marketing.
  • It helps managers to encourage their sub-ordinates.
  • Any change within the organization can be made easier.
  • It helps in predicting human behavior & their application to achieve organizational goals.
  • It helps in making the organization more effective.

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