SEBI: Composition, powers

Composition of SEBI

  • The functions of sebi are carried out by a board of 9 members – 1 chairman and 8 members
  • The chairman of sebi is nominated by central government
  • Two members are nominated by the finance ministry of india.
  • The reserve bank of india nominates one member to the sebi board.
  • Rest of 5 members (3 of them must be full time) are nominated by the government of india.
  • The current chairman of sebi is Mr. ajay tyagi.

Powers of SEBI

For the discharge of its functions efficiently, sebi is vested with the following powers:

  • To approve by-laws of stock exchanges.
  • To require the stock exchange to amend their bylaws.
  • Inspect the books of accounts and call for periodical returns from recognized stock exchanges.
  • Inspect the books of accounts of financial intermediaries.
  • Compel certain companies to list their shares in one or more stock exchanges.
  • Registration brokers.

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