Network Analysis

  • Marketing Analytics: Graphs can be used to figure out the most influential people in a Social Network. Advertisers and Marketers can estimate the biggest bang for the marketing buck by routing their message through the most influential people in a Social Network
  • Banking Transactions: Graphs can be used to find unusual patterns helping in mitigating Fraudulent transactions. There have been examples where Terrorist activity has been detected by analyzing the flow of money across interconnected Banking networks
  • Supply Chain: Graphs help in identifying optimum routes for your delivery trucks and in identifying locations for warehouses and delivery centres
  • Pharma: Pharma companies can optimize the routes of the salesman using Graph theory. This helps in cutting costs and reducing the travel time for salesman
  • Telecom: Telecom companies typically use Graphs (Voronoi diagrams) to understand the quantity and location of Cell towers to ensure maximum coverage

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