Project Monitoring and Control

Project Monitoring & Control Process

  • Evaluation and comparison of actual measured results against those planned is the fundamental principle of project monitoring process.
  • Whenever there is a variance, corrective action is required to keep the project on schedule and to budget.
  • The inputs are the project plan and progress reports that contain data collected from the project team.
  • Where progress deviates significantly, and this usually means outside of a predetermined tolerance limit, it is important to identify the underlying causes and take corrective action.

Following diagram shows the project monitoring cycle to be followed at regular period of intervals of the project duration.

1 Ch4_control_cycle-264x300.png

Monitoring Process (on a Regular Basis)

    • Get the data about the current status of your project.
  • Measure and Compare.
    • Compare with baseline plan, highlight any deviation, make a projection based on current data.
  • Assess and Re-plan.
    • Decide whether corrective actions are necessary.
    • If so, plan, document, and take the corrective actions.

Monitoring and Controlling Activities

  • Involves tracking, reviewing, and regulating project progress
  • Includes status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting
  • Reports on scope, schedule, cost, resources, quality, and risks
  • Controls project and project document changes
  • Includes control of scope, schedule, costs, and risks
  • Formalizes acceptance of deliverables
  • Records quality control results
  • Implements risk treatment plans and actions
  • Administers suppliers

Key Results from Monitoring Process

  • Progress and status reports
  • Plan updates
  • Risks registers
  • Change requests
  • Work products/deliverables

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