Role of Agencies Assisting Entrepreneurship: NIESBUD, NEDB

It was established in 1983 by the Government of India. It is an apex body to supervise the activities of various agencies in the entrepreneurial development programmes. It is a society under Government of India Society Act of 1860.The major activities of institute are:

i) To make effective strategies and methods

ii) To standardize model syllabus for training

iii) To develop training aids, tools and manuals

iv) To conduct workshops, seminars and conferences.

v) To evaluate the benefits of EDPs and promote the process of Entrepreneurial Development.

vi) To help support government and other agencies in executing entrepreneur development programmes.

vii) To undertake research and development in the field of EDPs.

The main objective of the National Entrepreneurship Development Board (NEDB) is promotion of entrepreneurship for encouraging self-employment in small scale industries and small business.

Salient Features:

(i)  To identify and remove entry barriers for potential entrepreneurs (first generation and new entrepreneurs) including study on entrepreneurship development.

(ii) To focus on existing entrepreneurs in micro, tiny and small sector and identify and remove constraints to survivals, growth and continuously improve performance.

(iii) To facilitate the consolidation, growth and diversification of existing entrepreneurial venture in all possible ways.

(iv) To support skill up gradation and renewal of learning processes among practicing entrepreneurs and managers of micro, tiny, small and medium enterprises.

(v) To support agencies in the area of entrepreneurship about the current requirement of growth.

(vi) To act as catalyst to institutionalize entrepreneurship development by supporting and strengthening state level institutions for entrepreneurship development as most entrepreneurship related activities take place at the grass root level and removing various constraints to their effective functioning.

(vii) Setting up of incubators by entrepreneurship development institutions and other organizations devoted to the promotion of entrepreneurship development.

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