Challenges in IMC

Across the globe, there is continuity in market deregulation and emergence of individualized segmentation of consumer tastes and preferences. So IMC being not an easy process has to face internal as well as external challenges. As some markets flee traditional media they still come across some communication clutter. The challenges of IMC are.

  • A shift in market place power from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer/shift in channel power.
  • A movement away from relying on advertising focused approach.
  • Rapid growth of data base marketing.
  • A shift in traditional promotions.
  • Change in the way the advertising agencies compensated.
  • Rapid growth of internet marketing.
  • Growing competition in relationship marketing.
  • Change from mere information delivery to value delivery.
  • Consumer empowerment.
  • Fragmentation of media.
  • Increasing advertising clutter.
  • Desire for greater accountability

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