BBAN201 Principles of Management

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  UNIT 1 {Book}  
1 Nature and Process of Management VIEW
2 Basic Managerial Roles and Skills VIEW
3 Nature of Managerial Work VIEW
4 Approaches to Management – Classical, Human Relations and Behavioral VIEW
5 Systems and Contingency Approaches VIEW
6 Contemporary Issues and Challenges VIEW
  UNIT 2 {Book}  
1 Planning and Decision Making – Concept, Purpose and Process of Planning VIEW
2 Process of Planning VIEW
3 Kinds of Plans VIEW
4 Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning and Operational Planning VIEW
5 Goal Setting VIEW
6 Decision Making – Nature and Process VIEW
7 Behavioral Aspects of Decision Making VIEW
8 Forms of Group Decision Making in Organizations VIEW
  UNIT 3 {Book}  
1 Organizing and Leading Elements of Organizing: Division of Work VIEW
2 Departmentalization, Distribution of Authority, coordination VIEW
3 Organization Structure and Design VIEW
4 Leadership – Nature and Significance VIEW
5 Leadership Style VIEW
6 Behavioral and Situational Approaches to Leadership VIEW
  UNIT 4 {Book}  
1 Management Control – Nature and Purpose VIEW
2 Process of Controlling VIEW
3 Kinds of Control System VIEW
4 Prerequisites of Effective Control System VIEW
5 Resistance to Control VIEW
6 Controlling Techniques, Social Audit VIEW

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