Chatting and e-mailing

  1. Email is a way of sending individual messages to people using an email server to relay the message. Because the server holds the messages for a person until he or she retrieves them, email can be sent whether or not a person is online. One way to send or receive email is to use a mail program such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail that will communicate with your mail server. Another method is called Webmail (such as Hotmail or Gmail) that allows you to send messages using a Web-based interface. To send someone an email message using either of these methods, you simply need to know their email address.
  2. Chatting is a way of talking online in real-time with many people at once. Some chat rooms are available via the Web, while others require a separate software program to chat with other users. Online chat rooms allow multiple users to join in a conversation and see what all the other people are typing. Typically chat rooms are based around certain themes, such as Teen Chat, Macintosh Chat, or Religious Chat. Using online chat, you can meet new people in an anonymous environment. You will need to choose a “screen name” to join a chat room, but the screen name can be whatever you would like it to be. I usually choose something that describes me well, like “Hot Guy.”

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