KMBN105 Marketing Management

Unit 1 {Book}
Introduction: Nature and scope of marketing VIEW VIEW
Various marketing orientations VIEW
Need, Want, Demand VIEW
Elements of Marketing mix VIEW
customer value and the value delivery process VIEW
Understanding Consumer Behaviour: VIEW
Buying motives VIEW
Factors influencing buying behaviour, buying habits VIEW
Stages in consumer buying decision process VIEW
Types of consumer buying decisions VIEW
Unit 2 {Book}
Market segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Meaning VIEW
Factors influencing Market segmentation VIEW
Market Aggregation VIEW
Basis for segmentation VIEW
Segmentation of Consumer VIEW
Targeting: Meaning VIEW
Basis for identifying Target customers
Target Market Strategies VIEW
Positioning Meaning VIEW
Product differentiation strategies VIEW VIEW
Tasks involved in Market Positioning VIEW
Concept of Branding VIEW VIEW
Brand Types VIEW
Brand equity VIEW VIEW VIEW
Brand positioning VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}
Product Decisions Concept VIEW VIEW VIEW
Product hierarchy VIEW
New product development VIEW VIEW
Diffusion process VIEW
Product Life cycle VIEW
Product mix strategies VIEW
Product Line strategies VIEW
Packaging / Labelling: Packaging as a marketing tool VIEW
Requirement of Good packaging, Labelling in packaging VIEW
Pricing Decisions: VIEW
Pricing concepts for establishing value VIEW
Pricing Strategies VIEW
Pricing process VIEW
Value based Pricing, Cost based Pricing VIEW
Market based Pricing; Competitor based Pricing VIEW
New product pricing:
Skimming pricing VIEW
Penetration pricing VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}
Place Decision: Meaning, Purpose VIEW
Channel alternatives VIEW
Factors affecting channel choice VIEW
Channel design and Channel management decisions VIEW
Channel conflict VIEW
Retailing & Types of Retailers VIEW VIEW
Advertising: Advertising Objectives VIEW
Advertising Budget VIEW
Advertising Copy VIEW VIEW
Public Relation: Meaning, Objectives VIEW
Types, and Functions of Public Relations VIEW
Sales Promotion: VIEW
Sales Promotion Mix VIEW
Kinds of Sales promotion VIEW
Tools and Techniques of sales promotion VIEW
Push-pull strategies of promotion VIEW
Personal Selling: Concept, Features, Functions VIEW
Steps/Process involved in Personal Selling VIEW
Direct Marketing: Meaning, Features, Functions, Different forms VIEW
Growth and Benefits of Direct Marketing VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
CRM Meaning VIEW
Relationship Marketing Vs. Relationship Management VIEW
Types of Relationship Management VIEW
Significance of Customer Relationship Management VIEW
Global Marketing: Current scenario VIEW
Green Marketing VIEW
Agile Marketing VIEW

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