BBA105 Business Law

Unit 1 (Book)
Indian Contract Act: Definition and essentials VIEW
Contracts Agreements VIEW
Offer & Acceptance Consideration VIEW
Capacity of parties Free Consent VIEW
Essential of contract, Valid Contracts VIEW
Performance of Contracts VIEW
Terminal (Termination) of Contract VIEW
Consequence of Contract terminal (Termination) VIEW
Remedies of Contract terminal (Termination) VIEW
Unit 2 (Book)
Void Contract VIEW
Contingent contract VIEW
Implied contract VIEW
Quasi contract VIEW
Indemnity Contract VIEW
Guarantee contract VIEW
Bailment VIEW
Pledge contract VIEW
Agency contract VIEW
Unit 3 Sales of Goods Act: (Book)
Sale contract: Definition, Features VIEW
Formation of Sale Contract VIEW
Contents of sale contract: Goods, Price, Condition and Warranty VIEW
Ownership of goods and transfer VIEW
Performance of sale contract, Delivery VIEW
Rights of unpaid sellers VIEW
Auction Sale VIEW
Unit 4 (Book)
Indian Partnership Act: Definition and Nature of Partnership VIEW VIEW
Incorporation of Partnership VIEW
Eligibility to be Partner, Relationship of partners VIEW
Partnership Deed VIEW
Partners as agent VIEW
Mutual and Third parties Relation of Partners VIEW
Registration of Partnership, Winding up of Partnership VIEW
Unit 5 (Book)
Definition, Features of Negotiable Instruments VIEW
Types Recognition of Negotiable Instruments VIEW
Crossing of Negotiable Instruments VIEW
Endorsement of Negotiable Instruments VIEW


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