BBA106 Business Organization and Ethics

Unit 1 (Book)
Meaning and definition of business essentials VIEW
Scope of business and Classification of Business Activities VIEW
Meaning, Definition of Business Organisation VIEW
Characteristics of Business Organisation VIEW
Objectives of Business Organisation VIEW
Evolution of Business Organisation VIEW
Modern Businesses VIEW
Business & Profession VIEW
Unit 2 (Book)
Business Unit VIEW
Establishing a new business unit VIEW
Meaning of Promotion VIEW
Features for business VIEW
Size of Business unit VIEW
Determinants of Establishment of a new Business Unit VIEW VIEW
Unit 3 (Book)
Forms of Business Organisation VIEW
Sole Proprietorship VIEW
Partnership Organization VIEW
Joint Stock Companies VIEW
Co-operatives VIEW
Unit 4 (Book)
Business Ethics: An overview, Concept, Nature VIEW
Evolving ethical values VIEW
Arguments against Business Ethics VIEW
Relationship between Ethics & Corporate Excellence VIEW
Corporate Mission Statement VIEW
Code of Ethics VIEW
Organizational Culture VIEW
Unit 5 (Book)
Business and Society Changing Concepts VIEW
Objectives of Business VIEW
Professionalization VIEW
Business ethics VIEW
Gandhian Philosophy VIEW
Organizational Culture VIEW
Technological Development and Social Change VIEW
Social Responsibility of Business VIEW
Social Audit VIEW


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