BBA104 Accounting and Financial Analysis

Unit 1 Overview {Book}
Nature, Objectives and Functions of Accounting VIEW VIEW VIEW
Accounting Concepts VIEW
Conventions and Principles VIEW
Accounting Equation VIEW
International Accounting Principles and Standards VIEW
Matching of Indian Accounting Standards with International Accounting Standards VIEW
Unit 2 Mechanics of Accounting {Book}
Double Entry System of Accounting VIEW
Journalizing of Transactions VIEW
Preparation of Final Accounts VIEW
Preparation of Profit & Loss Accounts VIEW
Profit & Loss Appropriation Accounts and Balance sheet VIEW VIEW
Policies related with Depreciation VIEW VIEW
Policies related with Inventory VIEW
Inventory and Intangible assets like copyright, Trademark, Patents, Goodwill   VIEW
Unit 3 Analysis of Financial Statement {Book}
Ratio Analysis:
Solvency Ratios VIEW
Profitability Ratios VIEW
Activity Ratios VIEW
Liquidity Ratios VIEW
Common Size Statement VIEW
Market Capitalization Ratios VIEW
Comparative Balance Sheet and Trend Analysis of manufacturing, Services and Banking Organizations VIEW
Unit 4 Fund Flow Analysis {Book}
Fund Flow Analysis VIEW
Concept of Gross and Net Working Capital VIEW
Preparation of Schedule of Changes in Working Capital VIEW
Preparation of Fund Flow Statement and it’s analysis VIEW
Unit 5 Cash Flow Analysis {Book}
Various Cash and Non-Cash Transactions VIEW
Flow of Cash VIEW
Preparation of Cash Flow Statement and it’s analysis VIEW


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