BBA303 Indian Economy

Unit 1 {Book}  
Meaning of Economy VIEW
Economic growth & development VIEW
characteristics of Indian Economy VIEW
Factors affecting economic development VIEW
Unit 2 {Book}  
An overview of Economic Resources of India VIEW
Human Resources of India VIEW
Concept of Population Explosion, Interrelation of Population and Economic Development VIEW
Population policy of India VIEW
Problem of Unemployment in India VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}  
Agriculture: Land Reforms and land Tenure system VIEW
Green Revolution VIEW
Capital formation in agriculture industry VIEW
Trends in composition and growth in agricultural industry VIEW
Role of public and private sector VIEW
Small scale industries VIEW
Cottage industries VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}  
Problems and prospects of Indian Agriculture, Plan period Position VIEW
Problems and Prospects of Large-Scale Industries. Iron, Steel VIEW
Problems and Prospects of Large-Scale Industries: Sugar VIEW
Problems and Prospects of Large-Scale Industries: Cotton, Textile VIEW
Role of small-scale industry in Indian economy VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}  
Indian Banking System: Structure and organization of banks VIEW
Reserve bank of India, Apex banking institutions VIEW
Commercial banks VIEW VIEW
Regional rural banks VIEW VIEW
Co-Operative banks VIEW VIEW
Development banks VIEW
NITI Aayog: formation, Function and contribution of NITI Aayog VIEW


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