KMBNOM03 Quality Management

Unit 1 Quality Concepts {Book}  
Evolution of Quality Management VIEW
Concepts of Product and Service Quality VIEW
Dimensions of Quality VIEW
Quality Philosophies; Deming’s VIEW
Quality Philosophies; Juran’s VIEW
Crosby’s Quality Philosophy VIEW
Quality Cost VIEW
Quality Leadership VIEW
Unit 2 Quality Management System (QMS) & Process Quality Improvement {Book}  
Graphical & Statistical Techniques of Process Quality Improvement VIEW
7QC Tools VIEW
Regression Control Charts VIEW
Process Capability analysis VIEW
Measurement system Analysis VIEW
Design and Analysis of Experiment VIEW
Acceptance Sampling Plan VIEW
Different Cost associated with Quality like Assurance cost, Failure cost, Prevention cost, Rectification cost, Appraisal cost VIEW
Process failure Mode and effect analysis (PFMEA) VIEW
SERVQUAL Model with Application VIEW
Unit 3 Product Quality Improvement {Book}  
Quality function Deployment VIEW
Robust Design and Taguchi Method VIEW
Design failure Mode & Effect Analysis VIEW
Product Reliability Analysis VIEW
Unit 4 Total Quality Management {Book}  
Quality Circles VIEW
Six Sigma VIEW
Six Sigma for Process Improvement VIEW
Six Sigma in Product Development VIEW
Design for Six Sigma VIEW
Benchmarking VIEW
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) VIEW
Taguchi’s quality engineering VIEW
Total Productive Maintenance VIEW
Unit 5 Quality Standards {Book}  
ISO-9000 and it concept of Quality Management VIEW
ISO 14001 VIEW
ISO 22000 VIEW
ISO 27001 VIEW
OHSAS 18001 and QS 9000 VIEW
Indian Quality Standards VIEW
Quality Audit VIEW
Quality Awards VIEW


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