ERP Selection Issues

For management issues it can be divided into three categories: short-term, middle-term and long-term. There are two short-term issues Y2K and a single European currency. The second is shifting from legacy systems and avoiding implementation delays. The medium-term issue for management is return on investment and the long-term issue.

ERP deployment has two parts:

  1. Selection: It involves spending time in just listening to the views of various people who are involved. Since there are bound to be differences of opinion, especially among people who are very senior in the management, it is an area which should not be left to the ERP set-up alone and the senior-most managers, even the CEO, must get involved.
  2. Implementation: implementation time is also reduced by selecting a system that is simple and offers smart tools for system administration. A system that offers an abundance of unnecessary features can only increase the implantation time.

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