Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing Communication

Traditional marketing includes business cards, notices, announcements, handouts, business promotions on TV and radio, print advertisements in daily newspapers and magazines to publicize an occasion or products.

Even so, as the technology keeps on advancing, the universe of Digital Marketing propels. Digital marketing includes websites, social media, and YouTube videos, and so on to publicize product or services.

Online marketing is somewhat like traditional marketing, as both Digital marketing and traditional marketing are used for similar objectives those are to draw in clients and to construct a brand picture.


There are a few variations in the cost of traditional marketing and digital marketing. As business advertisements on TV and radio, print ads in daily newspapers and magazines and other such media ads cost a lot while online social media ads are very affordable. Along these lines, traditional marketing spends an enormous cost to hold the advertisement running under the plan. Internet marketing can likewise cost, however, there are several Digital marketing techniques that are free.

Ongoing result

In traditional marketing, we need to wait for weeks or sometimes months to see an improving result in the business. While once we start using online marketing, we don’t have to hold on longer to see an important increment in the business.

Results of traditional marketing technique can’t easily be measured. On the other hand, in Digital Marketing, it is easy to determine a return on investment (ROI) by utilizing Google analytic tools.

Traditional marketing contains Print media (newspaper and magazines ads, newsletters, brochures and other printed material)

  • Broadcast media (like TV and radio ads)
  • Direct mail (including fliers, postcards, catalogs)
  • Telemarketing
  • Verified techniques for a higher rate of success
  • Long-standing projects that the public already recognizes
  • Analytics for measuring results

Digital marketing includes marketing efforts anchored on electronics devices just like:

  • Websites
  • Social networking sites
  • Content marketing
  • Banner Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Online video marketing.
  • Cost-effective strategies for marketing
  • Remarkable visitors achieve
  • Enables primary response from the intended audience.

Easy Analytics

Digital marketing calculating your marketing opportunities turns out to be simple and sharp.

You can quickly see which technique is performing and which isn’t via Google Analytics, other than different things too, for example, basic trend, incoming traffic, transformation rate, interest visitors, bounce rate and benefit.


It is tough to track traditional marketing techniques. To evaluate your group of viewers and their communications we have to put up added efforts which are time-consuming. For example, we have to direct overviews to discover the actual results.

Information and results of digital marketing techniques can be simply registered. We can without a lot of hard work check if the procedures are working by utilizing Google Analytics. If not, we can take the best measures for better marketing and accordingly take a shot at better keywords to target the group of viewers we can likewise utilize Social Media channels which are free and nearly everybody utilizes them.

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