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RMBFM04 Working Capital Management



UNIT 1 Introduction to Working Capital
1 Nature, Scope and Definition of Working Capital VIEW
2 Types of working Capital, Determinants of Working Capital VIEW
3 Working Capital Cycle VIEW
4 Assessment and Computation of Working Capital Requirement VIEW
5 Profitability Liquidity Trade-off VIEW
6 Working Capital Policy – Aggressive & Defensive VIEW
7 Overview of Working Capital Management VIEW
UNIT 2 Management of Cash and Marketable Securities
1 Meaning of Cash, Motives for holding Cash VIEW
2 Objectives of Cash Management VIEW
3 Factors Determining Cash needs VIEW
4 Cash Management Models VIEW
5 Cash Budget VIEW
6 Cash Management: Basic Strategies, Techniques and Processes VIEW
7 Lock Box system and Concentration Banking, Compensating Balances VIEW
8 Marketable Securities: Concept, Types VIEW
9 Reasons for Holding Marketable Securities VIEW
10 Alternative Strategies of Marketable Securities, Choice of Securities VIEW
11 Cash Management Practices in India VIEW
UNIT 3 Management of Receivables
1 Receivables: Nature & Cost of Maintaining Receivables, Objectives of Receivables Management VIEW
2 Factors affecting size of Receivables, Policies for Managing Accounts Receivables VIEW
3 Determination of Potential Credit Policy including Credit analysis, Credit Standards, Credit Period, Credit Terms, etc. VIEW
4 Collection Policies; Credit Management in India VIEW
UNIT 4 Inventory Management
1 Inventory: Need for Monitoring & Control of Inventories VIEW
2 Objectives of Inventory Management VIEW
3 Benefits of holding Inventory VIEW
4 Risks and Costs Associated with inventories VIEW
5 Inventory Management: Minimizing Cost in inventory VIEW
6 Techniques of Inventory Management – Classification VIEW
7 Order Quantity, Order Point , ABC Analysis etc. VIEW
UNIT 5 Working Capital Financing
1 Need And Objectives of Financing of Working Capital, Short Term Credit VIEW
2 Mechanism And Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Alternative Strategies For Financing Working Capital : Accrued Wages And Taxes, Accounts Payable, Trade Credit, Bank Loans, Overdrafts, Bill Discounting, Commercial Papers, Certificates Of Deposit, Factoring, Secured Term Loans, etc. VIEW
3 Pattern And Sources Of Working Capital Financing In India With Reference To Government Policies VIEW
4 Working Capital Control And Banking Policy- Deheja Study Group, Chore Committee, Tandon Committee. VIEW

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