Importance of Executive Development

Developing the executives and managers is the most important positive feature of the human resources development. Executives and managers play an imperative role in organizations so their development is very precious to organization. It has been well standard now that well skilled executives and managers considered necessary in the industry. Good organizations always select the talented employees and trained them to have sufficient catalog of management skill for use so that the desire objectives of an organization might be achieved. The process by which the executives attain not only the skills and experience in their current job position but also capability for the future decision making tasks of increasing difficulty and scope is known as the executive development. We can say that this development is the premeditated attempt to get better the current performs as well as the future managerial performance of employees. Executive development includes the actions by which executives learn to develop their behavior and the level of working. Development means not to provide the basic knowledge to the employees of the work but to provide the necessary conditions and environment for their improvement. Development is the basic design to pick up the success of the managers in their existing jobs and to develop them for the difficult and advanced jobs in future.

Importance of Executive development

The importance of the executive development can be analyzed by the following points.

(i) Technological changes: Now a days the technology is getting change very rapidly. Many advanced and automatic machines have been bringing in present organization. So the managers should have high-quality working knowledge of the use of modern technological machines and equipment. It can be possible by developing the managers for the use of new opened machines

(ii) Increase in size of organizations: The size of the organizations is increasing day by day. With the increase in size the complexity is also increasing. So the executives or managers need to be developed to deal with the troubles of the bulky and complex organizations.

(iii) Lack of trained managers: There is scarcity of the trained managers and it is quite difficult to recruit the experienced and qualified managers. As a result it is very important to develop the brilliant employees by a disciplined development process.

(iv) Social and cultural changes: The social and cultural environment is getting changed rapidly. The managers must have brought up to date the knowledge of the sociology-cultural background to understand the people intentions and actions towards you.

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Features of Executive development

The features of the executive development are:

  • Executive development is the well designed and systematic process of learning. In this process the executives not only gain the knowledge about the working skills of the work related to them but also get training for future work and upcoming technological machines etc.
  • Development is infinite process because knowledge is the endless and very vast so it continues throughout the executives whole specialized carrier.
  • This process is a long term course because no one can develop the managerial skills over a night. It takes time to become a professional. Experience is required to develop the executive nature or behavior in a person and it increases with the work.
  • Executive development is that process in which the executives or managers has to accomplish themselves. But the executive can do this more sufficiently under the guidance and when the occasion comes to him by the company.
  • To get ready the managers to the better presentation and serving them to give their full potentials, the development is very imperative process.

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