Mobile Database

Mobile databases are separate from the main database and can easily be transported to various places. Even though they are not connected to the main database, they can still communicate with the database to share and exchange data.

The mobile database includes the following components:

  1. The main system database that stores all the data and is linked to the mobile database.
  2. The mobile database that allows users to view information even while on the move. It shares information with the main database.
  3. The device that uses the mobile database to access data. This device can be a mobile phone, laptop etc.
  4. A communication link that allows the transfer of data between the mobile database and the main database.

Advantages of Mobile Databases

  1. The data in a database can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile database. It provides wireless database access.
  2. The database systems are synchronized using mobile databases and multiple users can access the data with seamless delivery process.
  3. Mobile databases require very little support and maintenance.
  4. The mobile database can be synchronized with multiple devices such as mobiles, computer devices, laptops etc.

Disadvantages of Mobile Databases

  1. The mobile data is less secure than data that is stored in a conventional stationary database. This presents a security hazard.
  2. The mobile unit that houses a mobile database may frequently lose power because of limited battery. This should not lead to loss of data in database.

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