BBA103 Managerial Economics

Unit 1 {Book}
Definition, Nature of Economics as an art or Science VIEW
Scope & Limitation of Economics VIEW
Relevance of Economics in Business Management VIEW
Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics VIEW
Managerial Economics relationship with other subjects VIEW
Unit 2 {Book}
Meaning of Demand, Demand theory and objectives VIEW
Demand theory objectives VIEW
Demand analysis, Demand schedule VIEW
Demand Curve and Nature of Curves VIEW
Laws of Demand, Elasticity of Demand & Types VIEW
Laws of Demand Elasticity of Demand Measurement VIEW
Indifference curves analysis Consumer Equilibrium VIEW
Consumer Surplus: Price, Income and substitution effect VIEW
Demand forecasting VIEW
Supply Analysis, Law of Supply VIEW
Supply elasticity VIEW
Price of product under Demand and Supply forces VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}
Market Analysis: Nature of market VIEW
Types of markets and their characteristics VIEW
Pricing under different market structures: Perfect Monopoly VIEW
Pricing under different market structures: Oligopoly VIEW
Pricing under different market structures: Monopolistic completion VIEW
Price discrimination under monopoly competition VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}
Pricing Methods VIEW
Pricing policies VIEW
Theories of factor pricing VIEW
Factor pricing v/s Product pricing VIEW
Price Discrimination VIEW
National income Concept and Measurement VIEW VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
Economic Growth and Development VIEW VIEW
Business Cycle VIEW
The balance of payments VIEW
Inflation VIEW VIEW


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