BBA202 Business Communication

Unit 1
Meaning and objective of Business communication VIEW
Forms of Communication VIEW
Communication Model VIEW
Communication Process VIEW
Principles of Effective Communication VIEW


Unit 2 Corporate Communication:
Formal and Informal Communication VIEW
Communication Networks VIEW
Grapevine VIEW
Barriers in Communication VIEW
Groups discussion VIEW
Mock Interviews VIEW
Seminars VIEW
Individual and Group Presentations VIEW


Unit 3
Essential of effective Business letters VIEW
Writing Important Business letters including correspondence with Bank and Insurance companies VIEW


Unit 4 Oral & Non-verbal communication: VIEW
Principles of Oral Presentation VIEW
Factors affecting Presentation VIEW
Effective Presentation skills VIEW
Conducting Surveys VIEW
Body Language VIEW
Para Language VIEW
Effective Listening VIEW
Interviewing skill VIEW
Writing resume Letter or Application VIEW
Letter or Application VIEW


Unit 5
Modern forms of communication VIEW
International communication VIEW
Cultural sensitiveness and cultural context VIEW
Writing and Presenting in international situations VIEW
Importance of Business language VIEW
Vocabulary words often confused VIEW
Words often miss spelt VIEW
Common errors in English VIEW


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