BBA102 Organizational Behavior

Unit 1 (Books)
Introduction, Nature and Scope of OB VIEW
Challenges and opportunities for OB VIEW
Organization Goals VIEW
Models of OB VIEW
Impact of Global and Cultural diversity on OB VIEW
Unit 2 Individual Behavior (Books)
Individual behaviour VIEW
Personality, Perception VIEW
Learning VIEW
Motivation VIEW
Hierarchy of needs theory VIEW VIEW
Theory X and Y VIEW
Motivation: Hygine Theory VIEW
Vrooms Expectancy theory VIEW
Unit 3 (Books)
Behavior Dynamics: Interpersonal behaviour VIEW
Communication VIEW
Transaction Analysis VIEW
The Johari Window VIEW
Leadership and its Theories VIEW
Prevailing Leadership styles in Indian Organisations VIEW
Unit 4 Group Behavior (Books)
Definition and classification of Groups, Types of Group Structures VIEW
Group decision making VIEW
Teams Vs Groups VIEW
Contemporary issues in Managing Teams VIEW
Inter group problems in organizational Group dynamics VIEW
Management of conflict VIEW
Unit 5 Management of Change: (Books)
Change and Organisational development VIEW
Resistance to change VIEW
Approaches to managing organizational change VIEW
Organisational effectiveness VIEW
Organisational culture VIEW
Power and Politics in Organisation VIEW
Quality of work life VIEW
Recent advances in OB VIEW


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