BBA301 Advertising Management

Unit 1 {Book}
Advertising: Introduction, Scope VIEW
Importance Advertising in business VIEW
Role of advertising VIEW
Function of advertising VIEW
Key players in advertising VIEW
Types of advertising VIEW
Unit 2 Public Relation and Publicity {Book}
Meaning of Public Relation VIEW
Difference between public relations and advertising VIEW
Role of Public Relations VIEW
Process of Public Relation VIEW
Advantages and disadvantages of Public Relations VIEW
Publicity, Advantages and disadvantages VIEW
Unit 3 Sales Management and Sales Promotional {Book}
Defining Sales Management, Objectives of Sales Management VIEW
Sales Management Strategies VIEW
Functions of Sales Executive VIEW
Scope and Role of sales promotion VIEW VIEW
Unit 4 Print Media and Broadcasting {Book}
Characteristics of the press, Basic Media concepts, Newspapers, Magazines VIEW
Factors to be considered for Print Media advertising VIEW
Meaning of Broadcasting, Radio as a medium, Television as a medium VIEW
Internet advertising VIEW
Unit 5 Media Planning and Strategies {Book}
Growth and Importance of Media VIEW
Meaning and role of media planning VIEW
Media Plan VIEW
Market Analysis VIEW
Media Objectives VIEW
Developing and implementing Media Strategies VIEW


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