BBA305 Management Information System

Unit 1 {Book}  
Management Information System (MIS): Concept & definition VIEW
Role of MIS, Process of Management VIEW
MIS: A Tool for Management Process VIEW
Impact of MIS VIEW
MIS & Computers VIEW
MIS & The User VIEW
IMS: A support to the Management VIEW
Unit 2 Planning & Decision making: {Book}  
The concept of corporate planning VIEW
Strategic Planning VIEW
Type of strategic VIEW
Tools of Planning VIEW
MIS: Business Planning VIEW
Decision Making concepts VIEW
Decision Making: Methods VIEW
Decision Making: Tools and Procedures VIEW
Organizational Decision making VIEW
MIS & Decision-making concepts VIEW
Unit 3 Information & System: {Book}  
Information concepts, Information: A quality product classification of the information VIEW
Methods of Data & information collection VIEW
Process Data & information collection VIEW
Value of information VIEW
MIS & System concept VIEW
MIS & System Analysis VIEW
Computer System design VIEW
Unit 4 Development of MIS: {Book}  
Development of Long-range plans of the MIS VIEW
Ascertaining the class of information VIEW
Determining the information requirement VIEW
Development and implementation of the MIS VIEW
Management of quality in the MIS VIEW
Organization for development of the MIS VIEW
MIS: The factors of success and failure VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}  
Decision Support System (DSS): Concept and Philosophy VIEW
DSS: Deterministic Systems VIEW
Artificial intelligence (AI) System VIEW
Knowledge based expert system (KBES) VIEW
MIS & the role of DSS VIEW
Transaction Processing System (TPS) VIEW
Enterprise Management System (EMS) VIEW
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System VIEW
Benefits of ERP, EMS VIEW

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