BBA304 Customer Relationship Management

Unit 1 Introduction to CRM {Book}
Definition and concepts of CRM VIEW
Components of CRM VIEW VIEW
Understanding the goal of CRM VIEW
Customer Touch Points VIEW
Unit 2 CRM Process {Book}
Introduction and Objectives of a CRM Process VIEW
An Insight into CRM and e- CRTA/online CRM VIEW
The CRM cycle i.e. Assessment Phase; Planning Phase; The Executive Phase VIEW
Modules in CRM VIEW
4C’s (Elements) of CRM Process VIEW
CRM Process for Marketing Organization VIEW
CRM Affiliation in Retailing Sector VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}
Developing CRM Strategy VIEW
Role of CRM in business strategy VIEW
Understanding Service Quality: Technical, Functional, and dimensions of service quality VIEW VIEW
Managing Customer communications VIEW VIEW
Unit 4 CRM Implementation {Book}
Choosing the right CRM Solution VIEW
Framework for Implementing CRM: A Step-by-Step Process VIEW
Five Phases of CRM Projects VIEW
Development Customizations VIEW
Beta Test and Data Import VIEW
Train and Retain VIEW
Roll out and System Hand-off Support VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
Sales Force Automation: Sales Process, Activity, Contact, Lead and Knowledge Management VIEW
Field Force Automation VIEW
CRM Links in E-Business, E-Commerce and Customer Relationships on the Internet VIEW VIEW
CRM Supplier Role and Importance VIEW

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