KMBNHR05 International HRM

Unit 1 {Book}  
International Human resource management overview VIEW
Developments leading to International HRM perspectives VIEW
International HRM: Role and Distinguishing Activities VIEW
Organizational structure and HRM VIEW
International human resource planning VIEW
Unit 2 {Book}  
Staffing practices in International human resource management VIEW
Recruitment and Selection for overseas Assignments VIEW
Global staffing practices VIEW
International transfer and Repatriation strategies VIEW
Training and Development in international context VIEW
International Performance Management VIEW
Global Compensation Practices VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}  
Industrial relation and international practices in Industrial relation VIEW
Shifts in IHRM and IR VIEW
International Strategic Human Resource Management VIEW
International labour Standards VIEW
Global Unions VIEW
Regional integration and Framework Agreements VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}  
Equal opportunity and Diversity management in global context VIEW
Global organization structures VIEW
Emerging trends in Employee Relations and Employee involvement VIEW
Convergence and divergence in personal management in developed and developing economics VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}  
Emerging trends in International HRM VIEW
HR/IR issues in MNCs VIEW
Corporate social Responsibility VIEW


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