KMBNOM01 Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Unit 1 Supply Chain {Book}
Supply Chain Concepts, Objectives of a Supply Chain VIEW
Stages of Supply Chain VIEW
Value Chain Process VIEW
Cycle view of Supply Chain Process VIEW
Key Issues in SCM VIEW
Logistics & SCM VIEW
Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles VIEW
Supply Chain Strategies VIEW
Best Practices in SCM VIEW
Obstacles of Streamlined SCM VIEW
Unit 2 Logistics {Book}
Evolution and Objectives of Logistics VIEW
Components and Functions of Logistics Management VIEW
Distribution Related Issues and Challenges in Logistics Management VIEW
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Logistics Management VIEW
Transportation Function, Cost & Mode of Transportation VIEW
Transportation Network and Decision VIEW
Containerization VIEW
Cross Docking VIEW
Unit 3 Supply Chain Performance {Book}
Bullwhip effect and Reduction VIEW
Performance Measurement: Dimension, Tools of Performance Measurement VIEW
Demand Chain Management VIEW
Global Supply Chain: VIEW
Challenges in establishing Global Supply Chain VIEW
Factor that influences designing Global Supply Chain Network VIEW
Unit 4 Warehousing {Book}
Warehousing: Concept and Types VIEW
Warehousing facility Location & Network Design VIEW
Reverse Logistics VIEW
Outsourcing: Nature and Concept VIEW
Strategic decision to Outsourcing VIEW
Third Party Logistics (3PL) VIEW
Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
Supply chain and CRM Linkage VIEW
IT infrastructure used for Supply chain and CRM VIEW
Functions components for CRM VIEW
Green Supply Chain Management VIEW
Supply Chain sustainability VIEW


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