KMBNOM02 Operations Planning & Control

Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Meaning and Objective of Production Planning & Control, Functions VIEW
Roles & Responsibilities of PPC Manager VIEW
Forecasting Different Techniques of Production Forecast VIEW
Unit 2 Process of Production Planning and Control {Book}
Capacity planning: Concept, Types VIEW
Plant Capacity VIEW
Capacity Planning Strategies VIEW
Routing: Procedure VIEW
Material flow pattern VIEW
Scheduling: Production scheduling VIEW
Machine Scheduling VIEW
Line Balancing VIEW
Loading: Process, Strategies VIEW
Relationship between Capacity and Loading VIEW
PPC in different production Systems i.e Job, Batch, Mass (Assembly) and continuous VIEW
Unit 3 Aggregate Planning {Book}
Meaning, Strategies and Cost VIEW
Concept of Aggregate Planning VIEW
Capital Intensive VIEW
Labor Intensive VIEW
Fashion Industries VIEW
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP I) VIEW
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) VIEW
Master production Scheduling VIEW
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Global Practices VIEW
Unit 4 Waste management {Book}
Value and waste VIEW
Types of waste VIEW
5S Techniques of Eliminating Wastes VIEW
Lean process to minimize wastages VIEW
Unit 5 Control Systems {Book}
Product Control Systems VIEW
Gantt Charts VIEW
Bar Charts VIEW
Production progress reporting and Performance analysis VIEW
System feedback VIEW
Strategies for corrective action VIEW
Role of control rooms in Production plants VIEW


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