KMBNOM05 Management of Manufacturing System

Unit 1 {Book}
Manufacturing System: Introduction and components VIEW
Importance of manufacturing for technological and Socioeconomic developments VIEW
Production Vs. Productivity VIEW
Manufacturing Plant:
Decisions for plant location VIEW
Methods VIEW
Plant layout and its types VIEW
Factor Affecting plant layout VIEW
Types of plant Layout VIEW
Types of Manufacturing System:
Job Shop, Mass, Batch, Project Shop VIEW
Continuous process linked cell System (Cellular manufacturing System) VIEW
Flexible Manufacturing System VIEW
Unit 2 Manufacturing Support System: {Book}
Process planning VIEW
Computer Aided process planning VIEW
Production planning and Control systems VIEW
Aggregate planning VIEW
Aggregate planning strategies VIEW
Master production Schedule VIEW
Material requirement planning VIEW
Capacity planning VIEW
Capacity planning strategies VIEW
Shop floor Control overview VIEW
Overview of Automatic identification and Data Capture VIEW
Barcode Technology VIEW
Radio frequency identification VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}
Describe the key components of the entire value chain including supplier VIEW
Relationships between manufacturing cost and customer satisfaction VIEW
Internal and external customer relationship VIEW
Evaluate the effective use of Lean techniques VIEW VIEW
Adopting Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) VIEW
Just in Time VIEW VIEW
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) VIEW VIEW
Analyze sustainable and Green manufacturing practices VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}
Capacity planning VIEW
Capacity planning strategies VIEW
Analysis of designed capacity VIEW
Installed capacity VIEW
Commissioned capacity VIEW
Utilized capacity VIEW
Factors affecting productivity and capacity expansion strategies VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
Maintenance System: VIEW
Maintenance strategy and Planning VIEW
Maintenance economics: VIEW
Quantitative analysis VIEW
Optimal number of machines VIEW
Replacement Strategies and policies VIEW
Economic service life VIEW
Opportunity cost VIEW
Replacement analysis using specific time period VIEW
Spares management VIEW
Maintenance Records VIEW


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