Types of Letter Writing; Persuasive Letter


The persuasive letter is written in order to influence the action or thought of a reader. This can be done by providing appropriate reasons or by showing some actions. While writing a persuasive letter, you can support your opinion by giving certain examples. In such a letter, it is very much essential for you to state you’re clear opinion. You can write such a letter to any organization or any individual. You can write it to any type of organization like:

  • The school
  • The bank
  • The NGO
  • The college
  • The municipality, etc.

You can write it to any individual like:

  • The CEO
  • The director
  • The MD
  • The government officer
  • The parents
  • The friends

The main motive of writing a persuasive letter is to get your work done. The persuasion can be related to anything like sale, complaint, petition etc. It is essential for you to write the letter in a convincing manner. Some of the letters like a cover letter, request letter, complaint letter etc. are all the types of persuasive letters. In all such letters, the maximum amount of persuasion is involved from the side of a sender.

How to write a persuasive letter?

If you want the reader to agree with you, then it is essential to write a persuasive letter in a convincing manner. Here are the few steps that you need to take into account while writing a persuasive letter:

First step

It is not an easy task to persuade anyone. Before you start your letter, it is very important for you to know complete details about the subject matter. What do you want? Why do you want? Give answers to these questions in your persuasive letter. If you know the topic properly in depth, then you can make the best arguments.

For instance, you want to convince your parents to buy a dog, then it is very important for you to focus on the main topic.

Second step

Once you know the purpose of writing a persuasive letter, your next step will be to know your reader. Try to find the reader’s belief, nature, weak points, strong points etc. because this can make it easy for you to draft a letter in a convincing style. Figure out the concerns of the reader and try to offer a solution, accordingly.

For instance, you think your parents are against buying a pet then you can convince them by stating some positive aspects related to the pet.

Third step

If you think that your argument is relevant and correct, then put your best foot forward. Try to justify your arguments, by giving proper reasoning to it. It is important for you to support your arguments with the facts.

For instance, your parents might think that you are not capable or responsible enough to handle a pet. In such scenario, you should provide them with all the details related to the pet food, habits, schedule etc. Show the knowledge that you have about the pet because this can support your argument.

Fourth step

Don’t just end your letter in a rude or impolite tone. Make final appeal before ending your letter in a convincing tone, so that the reader can give a second thought to your need or argument.

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